Garden Design Planning

The best gardens are those that are well planned and well laid out. The first step in coming up with a design for a garden, no matter what the size or budget, is to ask what you want your garden to do for you. The type of garden you require will depend on what you want from it, on your lifestyle and that of your family if you have one.

All projects start with a consultation and site analysis. After this a brief will be prepared and agreed in which all requirements and design details are clearly laid out. If the site is large or complicated the services of a surveyor will be recommended to ensure accuracy.

From the brief a master plan will be prepared and presented. Everything will be done at this stage to give a clear view of how the finished garden will look. Not everybody is comfortable with understanding layout plans which is why perspective sketches and drawings are essential at this stage to give a real feel for the finished space.

Once the master plan has been approved, the next stage is to prepare working drawings and construction specifications so that contractors can be briefed to come up with quotations for the landscaping work.

A planting plan will be prepared and presented when the contractors have been briefed and come back with their quotations. There is no point spending time on plants if the master plan is not finalised since any changes made after this point will incur additional costs. Once the planting plan is approved a list of plants will be sent to nurseries to check cost and availability prior to making the final selection.

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