Gardens are made to be looked at and lived in. There is no point providing a busy working couple with a garden that looks stylish if it doesn’t deliver on ease of maintenance. And a functional garden that fails to go beyond the purely utilitarian is a misuse of space.

The creation of a garden that is well laid out and well planted adds enormous value to a property. It should be viewed as an asset to be enjoyed and utilised rather than a luxury.

My approach to any project is to work on developing a plan that balances an appreciation of ‘the spirit of the place’ with the limitations of the site and the owners requirements. In most cases I will also be involved in recommending and working with contractors to carry out the construction. In some cases it may only be a planting plan that is needed or the client may wish to do the construction themselves. Whatever the requirement it is my job to deliver whatever works best for my individual clients. Above all a garden is a place to be enjoyed. And my commitment is to providing just that.

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